Celebrating Beer and Grub in Minneapolis

The last few weeks of May are perfect for Minneapolis residents that enjoy great beer and good food. If you’re in the mood to drink, then why not make one of these two events your next date destination?

Stanley’s Craft Beer and Bacon Fest - Arts and Riverfront District - May 16th

More beer! More bacon! It’s everything you could hope for during this one day event. In addition to the two titular consumables, you’ll also find other activities of decadence to occupy your time. There will be hand-rolled cigars, live music, food that isn’t bacon, pretzel necklaces and more. It’s a unique event that every beer lover will enjoy.

City Pages Beer Festival -

and Hennepin - May 30th

Another wonderful beer-centric event, this one happens to be one of the longest-running beer festivals in the Midwest. Taste tons of different brews, from craft beers to imported stars. And they fill it all out with live music and hot meals, so you’ll have a complete festival experience.


Photo courtesy of livingsocial.com